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SharkFest’17 Europe

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This was my first time in SharkFest Europe, a conference that aims in knowledge and experience sharing among Wireshark developers and power users. The event took place in the second week of November 2017 in Estoril, Portugal. An truly beautiful location with interesting history.

The event was split in three simultaneous sessions but unfortunately, only one of the three conference rooms were recording the talks. You can find those recordings as well as some of the slides from other presentations here and here. Below is a list of the ones that I attended.

  • Keynote: Wireshark: Past, Preent & Future – Gerald Combs & Friends
  • Using Wireshark to Solve Real Problems for Real People: Step-by-Step Case Studies in Packet Analysis – Kary Rogers
  • Troubleshooting WLANs (Part 1): Layer 1 & 2 Analysis Using AirPcap, Wi-Spy & Other Tools – Rolf Leutert
  • Troubleshooting WLANs (Part 2): Using 802.11 Management & Control Frames – Rolf Leutert
  • SMB Handshake: The Devil Lies in the Detail – Eduard Blenkers
  • SSL/TLS Decryption: uncovering secrets – Peter Wu
  • extcap – Packet Capture beyond libpcap/winpcap: Bluetooth sniffing, Android dumping & other fun stuff – Ronald Knall
  • Turning Wireshark into a Traffic Monitoring Tool: Moving from packet details to the big picture – Luca Deri
  • The Network is Slow! Finding the Root Cause of Slow Application Performance – Lorna Robertshaw
  • How Did They Do That? Network Forensic Case Studies – Phill Shade
  • Developer Bytes Lightning Talks-Usage Track – Wireshark Core Developers
  • Real World Troubleshooting Tales – Graeme Bailey
  • Sneaking in by the Back Door – Hacking the Non-Standard Layers with Wireshark – Phill Shade

Both the location and the event were great. Some of the attendees were network analysts with decades of experience. If you are interested in network analysis (including security as the exact same principles apply there too), SharkFest is a very nice conference to attend (hint: it is taking place on different place every year).

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November 19, 2017 at 17:42

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Cyber Security Week 2017

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From 25 until 29 September 2017 the Netherlands had its second international Cyber Security Week (abbreviated as CSW2017). It was a huge event that took place in multiple locations within the Hague and included over 80 security related presentations, trainings, and workshops. Unfortunately, I was able to be there just for the last day. So, here is what I attended in that last day and how it went… Note that all of the events I attended where in the HSD (Hague Security Delta).

As expected, the audience was more business and less technical oriented. For this reason the talks were also adjusted accordingly. So, here is a quick summary of the events I attended at CSW2017.

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence – Innovating Towards a Mature CTI Capability (TNO)
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence in practice: insights from a community-driven approach (EclecticIQ)
  • I Stopped Being Surprised, and Started Being Prepared (RedSocks Security)
  • SOC maturity as a weapon in fighting cyber crime (De Volksbank)
  • Multinational Cyber Defence Capability Development: NATO Communications and Information Agency: Introduction to MNCD2 program (NATO Communications and Information Agency)
  • Introduction to Dynamic Network Enumeration (DyNE) (NATO Communications and Information Agency)
  • Introduction to Semi-automatic response (SAR) (NATO Communications and Information Agency)
  • Learn How to Eliminate Insider Threats (Dtex)

The HSD was really nice and I got to meet a few very interesting people. The events themselves had some promotion parts, but nothing extreme. It was not really technical but definitely had useful information, especially if you are a security professional. Also, considering that this was a free event, the organization and content was very good. So, if you wanted some in-depth technical content or advanced attack/defense techniques, then don’t go to CSW. If you want to get an idea of where the security industry is moving towards, what’s going on in the enterprise, military, and government security sectors, then you should go.

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November 16, 2017 at 20:47

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Security BSides Amsterdam 2017

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The first ever Security BSides event in Amsterdam took place in September 2017. The location of the event was the “Zalen Pakhuis de Zwijger B.V.” conference center which is located right next to Amsterdam central station.

There were two simultaneous sessions/tracks. One was secure programming and WebGoat workshops by BSides team together with OWASP. The second was a series of security related presentations. Below is a list of the presentations, and you can watch the recordings in the official YouTube channel of the event here.

  • What if we really assumed breach? – Kevin Jonkers
  • Requiem For An Admin – Walter Legowski
  • Demystifying the Ransomware and IoT Threat – Christopher Elisan
  • To click or not to click, or how to build awareness about behavior online – Jelena Milosevic
  • To pin or not to pin: an introduction into SSL pinning for Android & iOS – Jeroen Willemsen
  • V!4GR4: Cyber-Crime, Enlarged – Ben Herzberg
  • I Thought I Saw a |-|4><0.- – Thomas V. Fischer
  • Bots Combine! : Behind the Modern Botnet – Andrea Scarfo
  • The hidden horrors that 3 years of global red-teaming have revealed to me – Jos van der Peet
  • I Boot when U-Boot – Bernardo Maia Rodrigues & Vincent Ruijter
  • Automating security with PowerShell – Jaap Brasser
  • Behavioral Analysis using DNS, Network Traffic and Logs – Josh Pyorre

Very nice event. Relatively small but it was the first time so it was expected. Congratulations to the organizers for the perfect flow and to the presenters for sharing their research, knowledge, and experience. Hope to be there again next year.

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November 12, 2017 at 11:06

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BruCON 0x09

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Although for the last couple of years I live close by (in the Netherlands), this was my first time attending BruCON in Belgium. BruCON takes place in the beautiful city of Ghent, a city with amazing medieval architecture. The event itself took place in the Aula Academica of the Ghent University.

Wonderful event and everything went as scheduled apart from a small issue with a change of a talk. I was expecting a larger audience as BruCON is well known in Europe but maybe that was the expected attendance (don’t forget, it was my first time there). In any case, if you are close by it is definitely worth attending. Here you can find the videos archives of the talks.

If I had to choose just one talk from BruCON 0x09 that everyone must watch, it would certainly be the “How hackers changed the security industry” by Chris Wysopal. It is a very inspirational talk that gives a glimpse of the bigger picture in the security industry developments of the past years, and how people can assist in getting it to the next level in the future.

Hope to be there next year too for the 10 year anniversary edition that will also have some special events. :)

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November 7, 2017 at 10:24

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News: Back from BerlinSides

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I’m finally back having a pretty bad flu. Nevertheless, I had some great time at Berlin this year and aluc was an awesome dude! Thanks for everything.

Awesome time meeting more and more cool people. Finally, I want to apologize to our Swedish friends for my attitude during the last two days of our stay in Berlin but I was having that flu and I was really stuck with something sin was coding during that period. This resulted in spending the New Year’s Eve coding instead of partying.

So, I’m sorry about this and I’m looking forward for our next meeting.

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January 2, 2011 at 04:31

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27c3: We Come in Peace

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As in the past few years, this year I am going to attend 27c3, always, with some cool friends :)

If you want to meet us to have a beer or two, contact me either through my email address, this post’s comment section, twitter, twitter’s DM, IRC, IM, write(1) or wall(1) on my home box etc. :P
I’ll be really happy meeting more interesting people IRL. So far it turned out to be awesome and fun doing this, I hope it’s still the same.
See you in Berlin xD

Hope to see again:
– FX and mumpi at the crazy phenoelit party (thanks for the beers on 26c3 Mr. FX)
– The Swedish guys (you’re great dudes)
– cccp (man… <3)
– Dan Kaminsky (who gave me the most epic reply when I said to him that we were those stalking him IRL in .nl)
– rattle (you know you're awesome man)
– sin (I hate you)
And many many others that I cannot remember right now. :)

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December 1, 2010 at 13:00

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26c3: Here Be Dragons

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Finally, the schedule was announced. Myself, ithilgore and a few more friends that I don’t know if they want to be mentioned here will be there too. We would be really happy to meet some new people and have some beers together!
Hoping for more lulz than last year…
So, see you there!!! :)

P.S.: ithilgore, get ready for round two on drunk talks with FX ;p

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December 3, 2009 at 10:45

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