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Fox IT Crisis Management training

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A couple of months ago I uploaded the following photo on my Twitter and I got a few questions about it. Short answer: No, I don’t work for Fox IT! That was a trophy for the winning team of a crisis management training delivered by Fox IT that I had attended.

I have no good experience with Fox IT’s technical services (forensics, incident response, etc.), but that might be just me so I don’t want to bias your decisions. In any case, this training was quite fun and useful. It was a full day event where you were split to teams with diverse backgrounds and you were given pieces of information about a security incident which was large enough to require crisis management procedures. The idea was that you had certain amount of time to provide your actions for each stage and then there was an overview of all the teams’ actions along with the recommended ones by Fox IT.

That kind of training can be useful for an organization for a few different reasons. Apart from the apparent knowledge sharing, it acts as a team building event, but more importantly, you can see how aligned your organization’s employees (or colleagues) are on the actions required during a crisis. Obviously, each team will have slightly different results. However, if you see a huge deviation between teams it means that you probably have serious internal issues as your employees (or colleagues) do not have he same mindset for prioritization when dealing with crisis or serious security incidents.

To conclude, although I had no good prior experiences with Fox IT’s technical departments, that training was fun and useful so… Well done guys!

Written by xorl

March 21, 2018 at 22:18

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