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Book: How to Define and Build an Effective Cyber Threat Intelligence Capability

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This is a tiny (42 pages long) book that theoretically helps security professionals in their first steps in building an effective Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) capability in their organization. However, it’s not so “effective” in achieving this.

Title: How to Define and Build an Effective Cyber Threat Intelligence Capability
Author: Henry Dalziel

The book is split in eight chapters which are the ones listed below.

  1. Introduction
  2. A Problem Well-Defined is Half-Solved
  3. Defining Business Objectives or “Start with Why”
  4. Common Objectives of a Threat Intelligence Program
  5. Translating Objectives into Needs, or “Why Drives What”
  6. How Technology Models Operationalize Threat Data
  7. Who: Given Why, What, and How, Now You Can Ask Where To Get It
  8. Conclusion and Recap

None of what is included in this book is actually bad information. However, almost none of the provided information is going to help in building an effective CTI capability. We are talking about a 42 pages long book that costs $40. That sets some high expectations. Unfortunately, the book is far from reaching those. You can easily get way better quality content from free sources on this topic rather than this book. So, yeah. It doesn’t worth $40 for what it provides. Maybe $2-5 and a different title would be a more realistic.

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November 10, 2017 at 22:53

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