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CVE-2011-4339: OpenIPMI Event Daemon Insecure PID File Creation

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As it was reported by Masahiro Matsuya, OpenIPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) library and tools was creating its PID files with world writable (meaning 0666) permissions.
Due to this, any local user could change the PID of the aforementioned files and send signals (such as kill) to other processes.

The fix to this bug was to patch lib/helper.c file. Specifically, daemon’s initialization routine, ipmi_start_daemon() in order to remove the umask(2) system call.

-	umask(0);
 	for (fd=0; fd<64; fd++) {
 		if (fd != intf->fd)

Written by xorl

January 2, 2012 at 09:33

Posted in vulnerabilities

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