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Knife: Victorinox Hunter (Red)

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This was a present from a friend while I was doing my military service in 2010. Although I haven’t used it extensively it’s a high quality, excellent pocket knife.

Model: Hunter
Manufacturer: Victorinox
Country Manufactured: Switzerland
Type: Pocket Knife
Price: €30-45
Blade Length: 8cm (3.1 inches)
Total Length (open): 19cm (7.5 inches)
Total Length (closed): 11cm (4.3 inches)
Blade Material: Switzerland Stainless Rostfrei
Handle Material: Nylon
Lock: Sliding Locking System
Weight: 102g (0.22 lbs)

This is a Victorinox pocket knife with lifetime warranty designed specifically for hunters. Instead of writing a generic review I will discuss each tool that this pocket includes separately. Here is the knife…

Now let’s move to the tools’ list.

– Cap lifter
Like almost all pocket knifes it has a cap opener which has nothing really important to discuss.
– Can Opener
The same tool (cap lifter) can also be used as a can opener.
– Screwdriver
Once again, the same tool can be used as a flat-head screwdriver.
– Wire stripper
The same tool has a small notch on its bottom which can be used as a wire stripper.
– Reamer
This is on the other side of the knife. It can be used as a reamer/punch
– Corkscrew
Also something common among pocket knives.
– Wood Saw
Moving back to the front of the knife we have one of the most impressive tools this knife has. It’s an extremely large wood saw. This saw has length of 9cm (3.5 inches) making it really useful compared to the small wood saw that most pocket knives have.
– Key Ring
It’s always a good idea to have a key ring on any kind of utility knife. This one has the standard Victorinox inox key ring.
– Toothpick
Despite what many people think, toothpick is a tool that can be used in numerous applications except the obvious one.
– Tweezers
Once again, a handy tool that all of us have needed from time to time.
– Blade
The interesting thing about its blade apart from the high quality, is that it comes really sharp which is not something common for most pocket knives.
– Gutting Blade
This is a rare feature among pocket knives. If you are a hunter then you probably already know the importance of this tool. This blade is designed specifically for field dressing. There are only two Victorinox models offering this gutting blade, the “Hunter” and the “Workchamp XL”. You will be amazed of how sharp this blade is.

Okay, apart from these, the blade also has a very straightforward and reliable sliding locking mechanism that you can control from the other side of the knife you see below.

Regarding its availability, currently this is produced only in two different colors. The Victorinox classic red like mine and also in olive-green. However, if you’re collecting knives you might be interested into finding the camo one which was produced in 2009. So, to conclude. If you’re a hunter or you are involved in outdoors activities such as camping and hiking you will almost certainly find this pocket knife very handy. It has great quality but it’s not ideal for everyday use since it’s not small enough to be easily carried in your pocket.

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October 16, 2011 at 15:32

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