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CVE-2011-2209: Linux kernel Alpha osf_sysinfo() Information Leak

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Continuing from the previous vulnerability, this was also reported by Dan Rosenberg and it was located in the code of osf_sysinfo() system call.

The latter system call can be found in arch/alpha/kernel/osf_sys.c file and here is the exact code.

SYSCALL_DEFINE3(osf_sysinfo, int, command, char __user *, buf, long, count)
        const char *sysinfo_table[] = {
                "alpha",        /* instruction set architecture */
                "dummy",        /* hardware serial number */
                "dummy",        /* hardware manufacturer */
                "dummy",        /* secure RPC domain */
        unsigned long offset;
        const char *res;
        long len, err = -EINVAL;

        offset = command-1;
        if (offset >= ARRAY_SIZE(sysinfo_table)) {
                /* Digital UNIX has a few unpublished interfaces here */
                printk("sysinfo(%d)", command);
                goto out;

        res = sysinfo_table[offset];
        len = strlen(res)+1;
        if (len > count)
                len = count;
        if (copy_to_user(buf, res, len))
                err = -EFAULT;
                err = 0;
        return err;

Similarly to the previous one, the length check of the user controlled ‘count’ parameter has a signedness issue. Both ‘len’ and ‘count’ have signed data types meaning that a negative value would bypass this check leading to copy_to_user() call.

The fix was to cast the variables to their equivalent unsigned data types during the check as shown below.

 	len = strlen(res)+1;
-	if (len > count)
+	if ((unsigned long)len > (unsigned long)count)
 		len = count;

Written by xorl

July 13, 2011 at 22:20

Posted in linux, vulnerabilities

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