xorl %eax, %eax

CVE-2011-1749: nfs-utils mount.nfs Corruption of /etc/mtab

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This vulnerability is identical to CVE-2011-1089 where GNU C Library’s addmntent() could corrupt the /etc/mtab file when small RLIMIT_FSIZE value was set. The nfs-utils project includes its own implementation of the aforementioned routine that resides in support/nfs/nfs_mntent.c source code file.

nfs_addmntent (mntFILE *mfp, struct mntent *mnt) {
	char *m1, *m2, *m3, *m4;
	int res;

	if (fseek (mfp->mntent_fp, 0, SEEK_END))
		return 1;			/* failure */

	m1 = mangle(mnt->mnt_fsname);
	m2 = mangle(mnt->mnt_dir);
	m3 = mangle(mnt->mnt_type);
	m4 = mangle(mnt->mnt_opts);

	res = fprintf (mfp->mntent_fp, "%s %s %s %s %d %d\n",
		       m1, m2, m3, m4, mnt->mnt_freq, mnt->mnt_passno);

	return (res < 0) ? 1 : 0;

Since there is no check that the data are correctly written into ‘mfp->mntent_fp’ file pointer, it could result in partial update of the ‘/etc/mtab’, leaving a corrupted file. A user can trigger this behavior by setting a low value in RLIMIT_FSIZE in the mount.nfs process.

Although there is still no official patch to fix this issue, Vincent Danen suggested using fflush(3) to ensure that data are written before proceeding to updating the file.
His suggestion was to update the ‘return’ to include an additional check.

     return (res < 0) ? 1 : ((fflush(mfp->mntent_fp) == 0) ? 0 : 1);

Written by xorl

April 26, 2011 at 20:01

Posted in vulnerabilities

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