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News: Recent Hacks

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Another quick update on the recent hacks and similar news that made it to the public.

vendor-sec Mailing List
Hehe… This is a cute little story that you can read on various sites. For example, check out this CNET article. According to Marcus Meissner (moderator of the list), their private mailing list was being sniffed at least since January 20. Of course, Mr. M. Meissner though it would be polite to let the mailing list members know about his discovery of the compromise by emailing them and then living the backdoored system online. This resulted in getting ultra-pwned by seeing the mailing list getting rm’d (quite expected after his disclosure of the hack). Happily for some people… Tango down! ;P

Another high profile hack in the security industry. Check out this post of ComputerWorld to get an idea. Unfortunately, the information regarding this issue are limited to the official company’s statements and this makes it quite difficult knowing what really happened/is happening.

Anonymous vs Bank of America
Basically, you can get an overview of this operation either from the countless news websites such as this one or using Bank of America Suck. I can still recall many so-called “security experts” making fun of Anonymous a couple of years ago. Where are they now?

Anonymous on Bradley Manning’s Side
From the Forbes blog we can read this post about Anonymous’ actions regarding the absolutely unfair and inhuman treatment of Bradley Manning.

French Ministry of Finance Ownage
Another recent and very interesting attack. Here are some information from the Sophos NakedSecurity blog.

PHP.NET Compromise
From Full-Disclosure mailing list we have seen this email today. However, there is still no official report from PHP project and the given website states that the codebase was not backdoored, just altered for demonstration purposes. Currently, the project’s official wiki is offline.

I might have missed some public high profile hack(s) but I think I have included the most important. If you think there should be something more here, leave a comment to let me know. :)

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March 19, 2011 at 00:26

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