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Book: The Transition of H. P. Lovecraft: The Road to Madness

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Since I’m not by any chance able to comment on the amazing and unique work of the master of terror H. P. Lovecraft, I’ll just provide the titles of each story included in this wonderful book which is a collection of some popular tales written by the legendary Lovecraft. :)

Title: The Transition of H. P. Lovecraft: The Road to Madness
Author: Howard P. Lovecraft

The Man Who Loved His Craft: A Guidebook to the Mountains of Madness by Barbara Hambly
This is an introduction chapter were B. Hambly presents a brief overview of Lovecraft’s unique writing style and his work from the most well known stories to some almost unknown to the average Lovecraft’s reader.

Early Tales
That’s another introductory section that explains the term “Early Tales” which is basically a collection of tales written by H. P. Lovecraft during his teens and twenties. It’s placed in this part of the book because some of the tales that follow are part of this collection.

The Beast in the Grave
The Alchemist
Poetry and the Gods (with Anna Helen Crofts)
The Street
The Transition of Juan Romero
The Book (A Fragment)
The Tomb
The White Ship
Arthur Jermyn
The Temple: Manuscript Found on the Coast of Yucatan
The Terrible Old Man
The Crawling Chaos (with Elizabeth Berkeley)
The Tree
The Moon-Bog
Herbert West — Reanimator
I. From the Dark
II. The Plague – Daemon
III. Six Shots by Moonlight
IV. The Scream of the Dead
V. The Horror from the Shadows
VI. The Tomb – Legions
The Lurking Fear
I. The Shadow on the Chimney
II. A Passer in the Storm
III. What the Red Glare Meant
IV. The Horror in the Eyes
The Festival
The Unnamable
Imprisoned with the Pharaohs (with Harry Houdini)
The Shunned House
The Horror at Red Hook
Cool Air
At the Mountains of Madness
In the Walls of Eryx (with Kenneth Sterling)
The Evil Clergyman

Although most readers (including myself) like to have every single book published by their favorite author instead of having such collections, I think this is a good one. Since H. P. Lovecraft have written numerous tales you don’t have any other option than having such books in your library. Nevertheless, the selection was perfect and stories have a nice, smooth flow between them. If you like H. P. Lovecraft’s writings I’m almost certain that you would like this collection too.

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