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Book: The Complete Gil Hibben Knife Throwing Guide (2nd Edition)

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Well, I know that most people reading my blog won’t be interested in such books but I’m blogging about all of the English books I’ve read. Now, since knives is an old hobby of mine I read this book a couple of weeks ago. If you’re interested just read my review below.

Title: The Complete Gil Hibben Knife Throwing Guide
Author: Gil Hibben

Author gives some personal experiences starting from his first contact with knife throwing and how it evolved over time. This means from back to 1957 up to recently. It’s a nice introduction that informs the reader about the fun as well as the dangerous part of this hobby/sport.

Getting Started
After identifying the motivations behind this sport, it explains that the intention of this book is neither defense/offense nor showmanship knife throwing. Finally, it ends up with some safety information that most people are already aware of.

Selecting Your Throwing Knife
If you have ever played with knife throwing this is a question that quickly comes to mind. Here, the author attempts to identify your needs and help you select the right knife for the task you want to perform. Starting from general characteristics and moving to more advanced ones such as determining the correct balance or choosing the right length/weight to achieve more accurate and deeper penetration of the target etc. Next, he touches another crucial step for selecting the ideal throwing knife which is the shape and design and other properties such as durability, handle type, hardening process etc. At last, after presenting the properties of a throwing knife he provides information about the various choices that we have including military, hunting, etc. knives as well as author’s personal designs. The last paragraph is dedicated to knife maintenance.

Choosing Your Target
This is a guide that will help you choose the best suited target depending on your needs. First of all, G. Hibben discusses the dangers of this sport and how it should be performed to avoid accidents. Then, he starts a tutorial-like section for constructing your own Hibben style knife throwing target. After finishing this, there is a paragraph for some of the countless alternative target options. One very important subject is next one and that is the materials that should be used when constructing a target. The final issues touched in this chapter are target support constructions and some information regarding indoor knife throwing.

How to Throw – The Basic Skills
Clearly, this is the chapter that made us buy the book. It’s a good one dealing with all the basic steps including information about the grip, stance, presentation, delivery, release etc. Pretty nice chapter discussing the basics of knife throwing in a very good manner.

Developing Your Own Throwing Style
Starting with the importance of knife balance, the author discusses topics such as the rotation, the ideal distance for having the best possible impact, etc. He moves from simple patterns that will assist in having results faster and more consistently to more advanced techniques and methods of throwing for more experienced knife throwers. This chapter ends with a section dedicated to throwing using the blade grip.

Throwing from Any Distance
This is a difficult task since distance depends on the knife. In this chapter the reader is introduced to some techniques that he/she can employ to have better results with different knives on various distances.

The Throwing Axe
This is different section which instead of knife throwing deals with tomahawk throwing. After discussing some general technical characteristics the author explains the technique he uses in axe throwing.

Gil Hibben – The Man and His Knives
The final chapter is a conclusion chapter that introduces Gil Hibben and his work to the reader. This includes information about some specific knives he designed such as “Rambo III” movie knife, various art knives, etc.

First of all this is not a new book but its author is well known for his work with knives. It’s a nice little (just 56 pages long) book which gives a good grasp of knife throwing techniques. However, you shouldn’t expect to find anything extraordinary about knife throwing in it. It’s good one for people who are just getting introduced to this sport.

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December 18, 2010 at 07:53

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  1. Whery interesting book. I have readed you review from begining to the end. And definetly will read this book or at least look inside it. Knifes – that also is security =]

    Artur Artaamonov

    December 18, 2010 at 10:47

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