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CVE-2010-4347: Linux kernel ACPI Incorrect File Permissions

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This is a straightforward vulnerability recently reported by Dave Jones of Red Hat. The vulnerability is easy to spot, the following sysfs file has world writable permissions by default.


The handling code for this file resides at drivers/acpi/debugfs.c and it can be used to insert custom ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) methods. It was designed for debugging purposes as we can read in the official documentation at Documentation/acpi/method-customizing.txt.
But since unprivileged users can override kernel ACPI methods with custom ones this vulnerability is very likely to be an exploitable privilege escalation which was patched by simply correcting the file permissions from ‘S_IWUGO’ (Writable by User/Owner, User’s Group and Other Users which basically means everyone), to ‘S_IWUSR’ (standing for writable only by user/owner).

-       cm_dentry = debugfs_create_file("custom_method", S_IWUGO,
+       cm_dentry = debugfs_create_file("custom_method", S_IWUSR,
                                        acpi_dir, NULL, &cm_fops);
        if (!cm_dentry)

Written by xorl

December 17, 2010 at 18:29

Posted in linux, vulnerabilities

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