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FreeBSD ATA Device Large Allocation Panic

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This bug was discovered and disclosed by Shaun Colley on 22 June 2009. This issue affects FreeBSD 6.0 as well as 8.0 branch and probably more releases as well. Here is the vulnerable code as seen in dev/ata/ata-all.c of FreeBSD 6.0:

ata_device_ioctl(device_t dev, u_long cmd, caddr_t data)
    struct ata_device *atadev = device_get_softc(dev);
    struct ata_ioc_request *ioc_request = (struct ata_ioc_request *)data;
    struct ata_params *params = (struct ata_params *)data;
    int *mode = (int *)data;
    struct ata_request *request;
    caddr_t buf;
    int error;

    switch (cmd) {
        if (!(buf = malloc(ioc_request->count, M_ATA, M_NOWAIT))) {
       return ENOTTY;

The bug is really simple. If the IOCTL command is IOCATAREQUEST, it will immediately attempt to allocate ioc_request->count bytes which was derived from the user controlled data passed to that IOCTL call. Therefore, a user could request a huge amount of memory which will panic the kernel. Shaun Colley published atapanic.c as well that does that IOCTL call and requests 0xffffffff bytes to be allocated. Of course, in order to do this you need read access to an ATA device.

Written by xorl

July 15, 2009 at 21:31

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