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Book: The Physics of Star Trek

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I just finished reading this marvelous book. If you are interested either in physics or in Star Trek you’re going to love it.


Title: The Physics of Star Trek
Author: Lawrence M. Krauss

To begin with, its foreword is written by Stephen Hawking who says something we should all consider. That is…

“today’s science fiction is often tomorrow’s science fact.”

The book is written in an excellent manner that both scientists and trekkers will find it interesting and easy to follow. Its author, Lawrence M. Krauss has done amazing work revealing the mysteries of Star Trek from a scientific approach. It deals with concepts demonstrated in various Star Trek films or TV series including warp speed, time travel, black holes, teleportation, extra-terrestrial life, multiverse etc. I was quite surprised to find out that Star Trek writers were technically correct in most of the scenarios discussed in the book. A great book. I would definitely suggest it to anyone interested in either physics or Star Trek (or both). It is full of intriguing physics issues. :)

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July 15, 2009 at 20:31

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