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FreeBSD-EN-09:02: bce(4) driver Missing Packet Length Update

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This is not a security related issue. Nevertheless it is still interesting. It affects FreeBSD 7.2 release and credits for that bug go to Pete French and David Christensen. The bug was officially disclosed on 24 June 2009 from the FreeBSD project. The bug appears in bce(4) which is a device driver for Broadcom NetXtreme II PCI/PCIe Gigabit Ethernet adapters. If you add a network adapter with that device driver as a lagg(4) member, interface will stop working. In addition to this, in case of non-ZERO_COPY_SOCKETS there will be no update in the packet length and thus lead to incorrect values passed to userspace. This was fixed simply by adding the missing #else clause after the #ifdef ZERO_COPY_SOCKETS like this:

+        /* Set the total packet length. */
+		m0->m_pkthdr.len = m0->m_len = pkt_len;

Written by xorl

July 9, 2009 at 22:03

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