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TrendChip TC3085 ADSL2+ Router

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I found this on a host at Thailand. As you can see, its login is quiet mysterious…

No fancy warning banner, nothing. After a couple of tries I got its password which I hope it was the default one :-P It was: 1234. And got this:

Well, using ‘show all’ command you can get any information regarding the device’s settings including the subscriber’s PPP username and password

This device doesn’t have a lot of options but it still has utilities to set various things including routes, NAT, UPnP, SNMP, DynDNS, QoS, firewall, VLANs, HTTPd etc. Here is its web interface after starting the HTTPd (username: admin password: 1234):

trendchip-4Personally, I didn’t really liked this router because of its ugly shell but anyway. It’s not completely retarded. I mean… at least it has a couple of options…


Written by xorl

April 17, 2009 at 17:11

Posted in network devices

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