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Home Blood Type Test

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I’m just so happy about that I would like to share it with teh internetz. I just performed a home blood type test and here is the whole process. (excuse me for the pictures’ quality but I’ve taken them using my cell phone). First of all here is the kit I used:


Then, just dissolve the dry antibodies including Anti-D serum using water as shown in the following image:


Now just clean your finger with the provided isopropylic alcohol and use the lancet to pin your fingertip. Here is a picture while using the provided lancet:


Then, take four samples with the sticks and place them like I did in the next photo:


Spread the samples and do the appropriate rotations to let the agglutinates fully developed. Here is the picture after I spread the samples:


And finally, here are the samples (not yet dry however) that clearly show my blood type:


If you didn’t get it which is understandable since the samples where not 100% dry in the above picture then I’ll just inform you it is clear that here we have a 0 positive Rhesus blood type.  Hope you enjoy this as much as I did!! :D

Written by xorl

February 22, 2009 at 21:34

Posted in fun

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