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Just some cool links I came across.

NSA wants to pwn Skype, I don’t think this would be really hard.
RFID cats for the win!
TeraBit Ethernet using chalcogenide glass chip
US nuclear weapons lab loses 67 computers
The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
Debian 5.0 Lenny is out.
kcope’s new FreeBSD telnetd 0day
Celebrating time_t
Batwoman = Red headed lesbian
Two satellites collide in orbit
Intel vPro
Honestly, how awesome was that Aitel adv.? Every time I read it it’s like the first time ;p
legion joins .aware
when the time passed
F=ma from QM. Really cool notes on combining classical mechanics (Newton’s 2nd law) with quantum mechanics.

At last, there is no such thing as Valentine’s day. There are eleven valentine’s days according to Christian martyrs named Valentine but none of then has anything to do with love crap. This hole shit is based on pagan Lupercalia from ancient Rome and Athens. For fucks sake… stop wasting your time with these stuff.

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February 15, 2009 at 13:18

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