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Funny Code Comments

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Here are a few comments that can make you smile while reading some code. All of them were taken from popular projects which are referenced for each one separately. Let’s start…

 * IOC3 is fucked fucked beyond believe ...  Don't try to access
 * anything but 32-bit words ...

Linux Kernel: arch/mips/pci/ops-bridge.c

/* Those damn T11 guys defined another format for
 * Vendor-specific objects.

Wireshark: epan/dissectors/packet-fcswils.c

/* Only Sun can take such nice parts and fuck up the programming interface
 * like this.  Good job guys...

Linux Kernel: drivers/net/sunhme.c

# This still doesn't work right - something funny is going on with return
# and linefeed in the reach program.

OpenSolaris: usr/src/lib/libxcurses/src/terminfo/heath

/* Fuck, we are miserable poor guys... */

Linux Kernel: net/core/skbuff.c

/* I see RENUMBERED constants in bits/in.h - !!?
 * What a fuck is going on with libc? Is it a glibc joke? */

BusyBox: busybox_1_13_stable/networking/ping.c

/* Fuck me plenty... */
/* <AOL></AOL> */

Linux Kernel: fs/binfmt_aout.c

And at last a funny function which most people already know taken from FreeBSD’s src/sbin/shutdown/shutdown.c:


I know there are hundreds of them out there but these are just a few I can recall. In the future I’ll probably provide some more. :)

Here is a site dedicated to such comments… http://www.codecandies.com/

Written by xorl

February 13, 2009 at 13:10

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