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Linux user’s data script

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I was looking at some old stuff and I found a really old shell script that I used for cleaning up users’ accounts. I was about to delete it but the I thought that some people may find it useful so here it is. Probably it is not sufficient for todays standards but it was a nice solution to a quick clean-up.

sh-3.2$ cat clean_user.sh
if [ $# -ne 1 ]; then
	echo "Usage: $0 <username>"
	exit 0

ID=$(id -u)

if [ $ID -ne 0 ]; then
	echo "You have to run this script as root!"
	exit 1

# Lock user account
passwd -l $USRNAME

# Remove user's files from /home
rm -fr /home/$USRNAME/*

# Kill user's processes

# Remove user's cronjobs
crontab -d $USRNAME

# Remove user's files from /tmp and /opt
rm -fr `find /tmp /opt -user $USRNAME`

# Re-enable user's account
passwd -u $USRNAME


Written by xorl

January 22, 2009 at 23:27

Posted in administration, linux

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